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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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the banks have already gone around, but i do not think we can never think the people in the for the work they put in. first, i want to recognize and thank my colleagues, not only supervisor i to -- chiu, the whole board. it takes all the cooperation and input from every betty. i do want to thank all of my colleagues. antilife for the unanimous vote today. it is something that signals the cooperation and level of the conversations we have had over the course of the year. i do want to thank mayor lee. to be honest, a lot of people give me credit for the smooth process, but i will not take credit for that. truly, the ability to set the tone for the budget conversations really started with the mayor, his willingness to talk to the community, to be in public meetings, to continue to meet with labor leaders are committed the advocates, residents, supervisors related help to set the process and that
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smooth path we took. i do want to thank mayor lee. i want to thank his staff, in particular, greg. i remember when we hired greg. that was probably one of the best decisions we ever made. i just wanted to say congratulations on really running a fine, fine process and really leading your team. of course, judy controllers -- to the controllers office, i cannot imagine doing this without you and your staff. to all of our labopeople did say from their own pockets that really goes to support their own families. to the firefighters, police officers, thank you for helping us keep our budget hole. we wholeheartedly thank you for that. of course, i cannot get through this process without my wonderful staff. katie and cammie been tremendous in supporting the opposite is supporting me and communicating. i do want to thank everybody for
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that. so that will be it. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, carmine vdot want to give a shout to our business community, because they have been very strong with us. we had a lot of big decisions to make, even during the six months, that will serve as great foundations to our businesses into a great note to them that we want to make sure that as we approach a financially sound city goal, that business and labor and community groups are all part of that magic, the board of supervisors worked so closely with me. with this, something that charlotte schulz always reminds me, when you're happy, when you have unity in the city, you wear your best time. [laughter] so i have not taken is off since yesterday at the white house, so i wanted to celebrate with our
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board of supervisors. so at this time, we signed the final budget. there you go. [applause] >> all right, this is one pen down. [laughter] >> there you go. there you go. and greg. [cheers and applause]
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>> and with that, the budget is done. [applause] >> thank you, everybody.
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